The S3 Canvas Series

A set of lighweight tools to explore and evolve an organization's business model, structure and teams.

Delegation Canvas Example:
Architecture Circle

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1. Primary Driver / Purpose

“As our product portfolio grows, our apps mature, and the number of developers increases, we need alignment on architecture and guidance on software craftsmanship in order to remain productive.”

2. Key Responsibilities

3. Dependencies

4. External Constraints

5. Key Challenges

6. Key Deliverables

7. Competencies, qualities and skills

At least half of the circle’s members must have been with the company for at least 3 years.

If possible, members of the Architecture Circle should have the following expertise:

8. Key Resources

9. Delegator Responsibilities

Since the Architecture Circle has been formed on the initiative of the development teams, it’s their responsibility to support the circle as good as they can, e.g. by

10. Key Metrics

11. Monitoring and Evaluation

A team review every quarter:

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