The S3 Canvas Series

A set of lighweight tools to explore and evolve an organization's business model, structure and teams.


Here’s a set of simple and lightweight tools to collectively explore and develop your organization: the S3 Canvas Series.

As of now there’s three different canvases: the delegation canvas, the organization canvas and the team canvas. Each of them helps you bring clarity and transparency another aspect of your organization: it’s structure, the collaboration on team level, and the reason fore existence and the business model of your entire organization.

Filling in a canvas in a group typically takes between 30 and 45 minutes, and helps you to develop shared understanding around the organization itself, it’s domains, and your circles or teams.

Each canvas consists of several sections that help you explore different aspects of your organization, domain or team. The sections are numbered to indicate the order of moving through a canvas.

The Delegation Canvas

The S3 Delegation Canvas can be used to describe or co-create the domain of a department, team, circle or role in an organization.

The Organization Canvas

The S3 Organization Canvas, used to describe and understand an organization as a whole and its business model

The Team Canvas

The S3Team Canvas, is a companion to the Delegation Canvas and helps a team or circle describe their “inwards” perspective, their development and the relationships of the team’s members. The team canvas can be used to kickstart a new team, or to support an existing one.


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The S3 Canvas Series by Bernhard Bockelbrink is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.