The S3 Canvas Series

A set of lighweight tools to explore and evolve an organization's business model, structure and teams.

S3 Delegation Canvas

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The S3 Delegation Canvas is a tool for negotiating and clarifying the delegation of a domain to a team or role. Sections are numbered to indicate the suggested order of moving through the canvas.

The Delegation Canvas

Each canvas is available in many different formats, so that you can print it for use in a workshop, create an online version (e.g. in Google Drive or in cnvrg), or create an offline version. See the format guide for more information.

Delegation Canvas Guide

1. Primary Driver / Mission

Justify the domain:

2. Key Responsibilities

Clarify domain:

3. Key Challenges

Identify at least least three important challenges to the success of the team/role. Challenges are related to the outside world, to the organization, or sometimes also to specific delegatee(s). Look for

4. Key Constraints

Describe important constraints to the autonomy and influence of the delegatee. Key constraints are either fixed, or a matter of decision, and may be related to the outside world, the organization, or specifically to the delegator’s level of trust. Some examples:

5. Key Deliverables

What does the team/role provide to meet the key responsibilities and key challenges?

What do other parties expect from the team/role?

Describe at least the top three deliverables (products, services, experiences or transformations).

6. Delegator Responsibilities

What is the delegator’s contribution to the success of the delegatee(s)?

Responsibilities should be specific and measurable, so they can be reviewed and developed.

7. Key Metrics

How can you measure successful delegation?

Prefer simple, continuous and actionable metrics, and relate them to driver, responsibilities, challenges and deliverables.

8. Key Resources

Essential resources, assets or privileges the delegatee(s) can make use of in accounting for their domain.

9. Evaluation

When and how will this delegation be developed?

Agree on:

10. Dependencies

What are the essential dependencies between this domain and other parts of the organization?


The Delegation Game

The Delegation Game is a simple and fun activity to define and delegate a new domain, or to develop shared understanding and reveal misconceptions about an existing domain. Gather those delegating the domain (e.g. a manager) and those the domain is delegated to (e.g. somebody in a role or position, or the members of a team). Allow for 15 minutes for each participant to fill in their canvas individually, and then go through each section together, comparing notes and agreeing on the details of the domain.


Here’s a few examples for delegation canvases as they might appear in a digital logbook:


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The S3 Delegation Canvas by Bernhard Bockelbrink is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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